28 June 2012

Practice poetry for perfect prose

Poetry for perfect prose @ Icy Byrne
As I said last week, a good way to get new metaphors and to think about your writing in a more creative way is to attempt poetry.  It doesn't matter how good (or bad) you are, the flowing way of writing can free you up better than the more structured form of prose.

My main character (Bethany Jodes) has been exiled from space because of her injuries.  Here are some images with idea as an inspiration.
Black sky opens heart.
  Wide open sky
    fills soul.

            Something always wished for,
              something always yearned for.
                Longing for stars.
The story is set on the world called Crackdown, where cities are set into cracks in the earth as the winds that howl above would tear people apart after not too long (a haiku triplet).
Crackdown deep under,
Meshed city wedged within walls,
Cubed and caught in rock.

Clouded city now,
Darkened city down, no light
Now, for those down cloud.

And under city,
Resources ripped from tunnels,
Ripped from the people.
Have you ever tried this for your own work?  If so, I'd love to read it ^_^.

Have a great day/evening (depending on your time zone ^_^).


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