14 June 2012

Crackdown - the world

World building @ Icy Byrne
A few years ago I had a dream of a city built inside a cliff, a vertical city where people lived on top of each other.  This always struck me as a great place to set a story.

In the end this isn't where my story is set, but it did inspire me.

Crackdown, or more propperly New Fissure, is one of the first planets settled after humans escaped their ravaged world.  It is one of the few places humanity knows of where they can find the vital newly discovered mineral telcanite which is essential in modifying the effects of gravity and allowing space ships to travel faster than light.

The environment is harsh and the surface of the planet is scoured by fierce and unrelenting winds.  The only place people can live are within large crevices into the ground, large enough to hold whole cities.

The main character, Bethany Jodes, lives in Mesh City, the major city on the planet.  The walls of the crevice are too friable to be built in, so the entire city is built in cubes suspended within a supporting mesh of cables.

One of the things I've found most interesting is working out how such a city might work.  How does it get power?  What about water?  Where is the food grown?  How do people get around?  (In order, wind of course, pumped up from underground, hydroponic farms, and flying vehicles.)

I am always a sucker for following an idea and working out what the implications are.

Anyway, I've got to get back to it.  Have a great day/night (depending on time zone ^_^).



Amanda Fanger said...

This sounds really interesting Isa! Hopefully the editing process is being kind to you so you can share with the world soon!

Isa @ IsaByrne IndividualChic said...

Ha! I haven't started the edit yet. Been a bit distracted ^_^. I'm giving myself another week before I start, but I have been thinking the whole time ...